Thursday, February 05, 2004

Gawker on NY Social Diary

We like David Patrick Columbia of New York Social Diary. We've traded some friendly emails blogger-to-blogger. He said that The Corsair has a "healthy amount of irony."

That having been said, (Oh David, don't hold this against us, we know you're top drawer all the way), NYSD is about the whitest blog around. No kidding here, my little pommies. Alabaster. The Upper East Side on a Sunday morning white. So when Gawker delivered this very funny and unexpected Black History Month present, I sort of made an explosive yet compressed laugh-cough sound that made my office mate look at me, suspicious-like, as if I were the kidnap on tape suspect. Choire follows up by saying:

"We just didn't want to mention it (because we're SO nice). But it is really horrifying that, directly underneath the aforementioned pictures of black people at the University of the West Indies benefit on New York Social Diary, there's an ad for "Hamptons Domestics" employment agency. The ad has little black Victorian silhouettes and a pineapple as its logo. Yikes."

(scroll to bottom of page to get the full Gawker effect)

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