Saturday, February 07, 2004

Waters on Manson

The following comes from the Sunday Arts and Leisure section of the New York Times in a interview between Mim Udovitch and John Waters.

Waters: "Well, every five years Charles Manson has a parole hearing and I watch it for one reason: he has a new look every time. So I watch him, then I find an unsuspecting movie star who happens to look exactly like him in that incarnation, and pair them together, to show that no matter what, Manson's more famous. That's a terrible thing to say. But, basically, still, if you showed a picture of Brad Pitt and Manson to people, I think more people would identify Manson, which, I think is a very frightening thing about American fame. This year, he couldn't come out for his parole hearing because they made him wear handcuffs. It was a fashion decision."

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