Wednesday, February 11, 2004


A confession from

"I'm female-19, on my way to being very well educated and a good citizen.
I love violence. Violent movies turn me on like you cannot believe. Kill Bill I was this amazing sexual experience for me. All the guys I'm attracted to are either really gifted martial artists or talented in some other sort of violent activity like boxing.
This attraction worries me."


"On the outside I'm very humble, but inside, I know I rule a lot."


"I would never go through with it, but I have a fantasy about my teacher. He recently had his 30th birthday. I'm 17. He acts flirty with a few girls he teachers, I'm one of them. He plays with my hair alot. Even though he's happily married, I want so badly to seduce him. He's told me I'm good-looking, that I have great skin, he likes my hair a certain way...he's blown me a kiss during class before, as well.

"I don't think he'd go through with it, either...but I want so badly to know what he thinks of me. I want him to want me, like I want him.

"I feel like such a jerk."

And who could leave out:

"i have a summer job working in corn feilds with a bunch of other people. over the years i have perfected taking a dump while walking through the field"

Good times.

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