Friday, February 20, 2004

The Justin Furor

Cyberspace is buzzing like Swayze over Justin Timberlake co-hosting of the Motown special. Apparently, he's not black enough. He's got a stronger blaccent than me, anyway.

Here is some of the buzz going around about it bout it:

"(It) makes Black people look SIMPLE to request that he NOT host because he didn't stand behind the Super Bowl fiasco. The reasons he shouldn't be hosting Motown-anything are way more important than that shit." -- Newlywed

"Timberlake was their second choice after not being able to put together a reunion of Rare Earth." -- Anon

"so would you have a problem with a black person who was heavily influenced by a white artist hosting a white awards show?" -- shyshy

"This is a cultural insult? Okay, so where were they when Snoop was walking around with with women in dog chains to the MTV Awards? Where are they when Snoop parades a pimp around with him all over the place?

"The Boondocks comic strip has hit the nail on the head this week, with the way we act." -- Anonymous

"The decision for Justin to co-host this special was made prior to his notorious event with Ms. Jackson. I didn't agree with the decision for him to host the show when it was first announced and now that he sold Janet out, he should be removed and his 'ghetto-pass' should be permanently revoked!

"Seriously, he was a bad choice from the beginning. I know the TV execs want to meet a certain demographic for the show, but at what expense? The producers of this show need to reconsider their initial choices and go with someone else. Perhaps Beyonce or even Usher but certainly not Mr. Timberlake. " --golyte, los angeles

Stay tuned.


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