Saturday, February 21, 2004

Maximum Exposure

The leaves The Corsair a more than a little nervous about technology and privacy issues as they detail the shenanigans of one Mark Huffman, owner of the ironically named tanning club, Maximum Exposure. The folks at Smokinggun write of the tomfoolery,"Huffman ... was nabbed earlier this week when a male customer noticed what appeared to be a camera hidden in a wall fan, according to the below Reading Police Department report. When cops arrived, they found evidence of Huffman's clandestine taping operation as well as pot plants and kiddie porn."

Fuck. Well, I'm glad I have a natural tan right about now. reports:

"In what some might call a fitting irony, it was another piece of high-tech gadgetry that eventually got Huffman busted, (WLWT Eyewitness News 5's Brian) Hamrick reported. A patron saw what he thought was a camera in a vent, and using his own cell phone -- a source of its own controversy recently -- snapped a picture of the camera and took it to police.

Irony and technology, deep in Reading, Ohio -- Jerry Springer country, by the way. I just thought this was an interesting story, gentle reader. I don't have anything to say on it either way.

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