Thursday, February 19, 2004

Blind Items

Today's New York Post Page Six blind items had me stymied. How illustrative of my essential shallowness that I have spent all morning trying to break the code -- to no avail. Who are they? Tell me:

"WHICH Manhattan mogul's gorgeous wife has a lesbian lover who was involved in a scuffle with security at a recent fashion show? The Sapphic smackdown happened after the mogul's wife tried to have her private playmate barred from the show, so as not to arouse her hubby's suspicion . . ."

Russell Simmons? Jerry Seinfeld? Who?

"WHICH sexy starlet who was just caught cuckolding her boyfriend had been cheating on him for years? We're told that the wild child actress slept with two of her hunky male co-stars on movie sets a few years back."

Drew Barrymore? Hillary Duff? Who?!

The very cool Uncle Grambo may have figured it out on today:

"it's gotta be Bijou Philips, dunnit? while I have no evidence to support this, I'm betting that she got freaky deaky with Power while on the set of James Toback's 'Black And White' ... that whole opening scene had a definite air of authenticity."

We agree. The wild child thing sounds Bijy. Just a guess.

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