Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Animals and Celebrities

It seems that just yesterday we reported that Angie Everhart, of Lingerie Bowl fame, had quite a menagerie of animals in her stead. "I have four dogs, a cat and a horse," said the sexy red head on Howard Stern's radio show last week.

Now, via Page Six, we learn that FHM has chosen Paris Hilton as the Most Eligible Woman in the World 2004 (up from number 19, 2003), and, ancillary to that, Paris also adores animals.

The Sixers write:

"FHM - which credits 'The Post's renowned PAGE SIX' for discovering Hilton - reports that the hotel heiress stands to rake in $10 million next year thanks to a reality show sequel, a pop album, a book, a clothing line and endorsement deals (all on top of her estimated $30 million inheritance). But our favorite part of the FHM interview is when Hilton describes buying exotic animals in Las Vegas: 'I went to this pet store and bought a baby goat, a ferret and this one animal that was like half monkey, half raccoon. I tried to take them on the plane, and the flight attendants thought I was insane. They were like, 'This isn't a traveling circus. You're not bringing a goat on the plane.' So I ended up having to drive back to L.A. in a limo all by myself for six hours with the animals.'"

Animal rights activist Pam Anderson, has posed provocatively for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in a poster which shows the "actress" clad in a bikini made of three lettuce leaves that reads: "Turn over a new leaf: Try vegetarian."

Charlize Theron loves her dog so much she douses it in expensive doggie perfume. Renee Zellwegger gained weight for Bridget Jones with her pooch. Tiffany Taylor, Playboy Playmate, enjoys breeding bloodhounds and raising ferrets.

Note to skirt chasers: hot chicks like animal lovers.

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