Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Lola Ogunnaike on Dave Chappelle

The resident "hot, hip young thing" of the New York Times, Lola Ogunnaike interviews Dave Chappele, who has taken over Richard Pryor's mantle as America's heavyweight champion social commentator-comedian. Zaniness ensues:

"'Third World Girls Gone Wild,' another (Chappelle Show) sketch, spoofs the 'Girls Gone Wild' video series. Instead of young nubile blondes flashing their breasts for Mardi Gras beads, Mr. Chappelle's version features smiling native women dancing topless in remote African villages."

Oh dear.

"He has skewered the R&B singer R. Kelly and the original superfreak Rick James, and he has imagined a 'Racial Draft' in which different ethnic groups swap prominent culturally ambiguous celebrities. The white delegation wins Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, Jews score Lenny Kravitz, and African Americans walk away with Tiger Woods, a self-proclaimed 'cablinasian.' 'So long, fried rice; hello, fried chicken,' Mr. Chappelle, with Woods-like golf apparel and large dentures, declares."

There's more:

"'Dave Chappelle isn't content just to play the race card,' Elvis Mitchell wrote in a column in The New York Times. 'He shuffles the entire deck.

"Before stretching his gangly frame out on a couch in his trailer, Mr. Chappelle said, 'I've always liked an element of danger in comedy.' He lighted what would be the first of many Winstons. His voice barely rose above a whisper. 'I like the idea of people watching and asking, Can he say that?' "

(voice barely rising above a whisper) Is Lola Ogunnaike seeing anyone seriously?

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