Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Has Annie Leibovitz Jumped the Shark?

Has Annie Leibovitz jumped the shark? Granted, I do not quite see what all the fuss is about the whole photography-as-an-art-form argument and why we are familiar with Liebovitz's name, but not, oh, say, Tiepolo or Raphael. But no, we get Annie who does the Soprano's photo shoots instead. Nice.

Anyhoo: According to a poll by FashionWeekDaily:

"Many VF fans find deep, pithy cultural meaning in La Leibovitz�s shrine-to-Hollywood tableaus. 'Art' was mentioned on occasion. The bad news: everyone else (i.e. the nation) is Annie�d out. 'I think if VF wants to attract old people, they should keep Leibovitz,' says one reader. Majority rules, and they are tired of seeing Gwyneth Paltrowand her ten best frenemies lounging like feasting Romans 4 times a year."

And the numbers of the poll are harrowing. 17 Percent were in support Of Annie's "tableaus," while a whopping 83 Percent were in favor of change. There is no word as to whether or not the results of the poll were affected by the fact that Annie dumped Susan Sontag for the nanny. I guess they are "frenemies" now.

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