Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Fashion Week Buzz: Day 5

An Oscar De La Renta Model Took a Nasty Spill. This should fill the daily ration of shadenfreude necessary for the well oiled functioning of an "evolved" democracy. Onward:

Dead Animal Alert:

FashionWeekDaily reports Vogue's editor, "Anna Wintour looking maximalist in a beaded suit with fur trim and low heeled suede boots"

And, "Nan Kemper in a fabulous blue leather and fox fur Fendi coat (CH skirt and sweater underneath), and her favorite Manolo Blahnik boots."

And "Catherine (Malandrino�s) compensates for a light lower half with a blast of head warmth: enormous poofs of Davy Crockett raccoon (or was that coyote?) exploding from the models' heads.

And at the Paco Rabanne Golden Age Party, three men dressed in python carrying a baby doll, also dressed in python.

Our gal, Lookonline's Marilyn Mirschner gets the scoop:

"On Tuesday, Oscar de la Renta may have catapulted himself into the 'Hall of Fame' with a show that started - get this - only a mere 15 minutes after it was supposed to begin! Now, that's a record. It's true: while most shows are well over 45 minutes late these days, Oscar's 50- piece presentation was 15 minutes early. In fact, his 1 p.m. show ended before most would have begun. Bravo to Oscar and his associates for pulling that one off.

" ... Carolina Herrera (who says she was inspired by chic European ski resorts of decades past), was really disappointing. In fact, I overheard a fellow show attendee commenting to a companion that it was so bad, it looked like the collection was 'designed by FIT students.' Ouch!"

And WWD's Jacob Berstein and Greg Lindsay have a take on things: "Andr� Leon Talley has made an unusual request this fashion week: he doesn�t want to be anywhere near the front row or the cameras. Part of it is due to the level of, um, scrutiny Talley has been subjected to in the past, but he said he also just wanted to tip his hat to his colleague, sittings editor at large Camilla Nickerson, whose shoot for October�s Vogue is the 'It' reference of the season. 'The whole thing has spiraled out of control' said Talley. And anyway, he said, 'I�m tall. I can see from the fourth row, the scrum or back in the bleachers. It�s not where you sit. It�s the contribution you bring with your ideas and your talent.'�

And the Patron Saint of All Bloggers, that very cute Southern lass, Elizabeth Spiers wraps things up nicely, "After the 17th iteration of 'Honky Tonk Women,' the runway clears. Anna Wintour is sitting on one side of the runway in trademark sunglasses and a bodyguard-protected leather jacket. On the opposite side of the runway sits Glenda Bailey. They have no problem with the front row or cameras."


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