Saturday, February 14, 2004

RZA is Crazy

The Corsair has many media obsessions but one of his favorites is RZA. The RZA is crazy. Nutso. He eats ungodly amounts of colloidal silver, even proffering it to his offspring need we say more?

One day RZA and his babies are going to turn blue from a colloidal silver overdose and then people will take me seriously. Anyhoo: here's what he had to say to FHM:

FHM: How strong is your Kung Fu?

RZA: "Strong, but I've never used it. One of my uncles trains CIA agents. He was offended I was learning from someone else, so he showed me this one move. He said, 'I could cripple you.' I believed him but he had to prove it. I was hurt for three months."

Okay ... leaving aside the implausibility that one of RZA's uncles is in the intelligence gathering business, how many people out there have familial relations that whisper Moon Knight-like threats. Being family is not about crippling one another. The interview concludes:

FHM: Is there an RZA sex tape out there?

RZA: I don't leave evidence like that. I form the lense with my hand, look through it and tape record with my mind.


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