Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Tyson the Thousandaire

Mike Tyson is down to his last $5,000, according to papers filed in US bankruptcy court.

Accroding to Bloomberg:

"Mike Tyson, who earned more than $200 million during his professional career, had $5,553 left in cash on December 31, according to papers filed with the US Bankruptcy Court.

"Tyson, who filed for bankruptcy protection in August, also had $US174,000 in property and equipment and more than $10.2 million in liabilities at the end of 2003."

The Corsair has no comment because he doesn't want to get beat up. Then again, after watching Tyson's last fights, to paraphrase Will Smith (The Corsair gets a wild 80s nostalgic look in his eyes) I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson.

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