Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Debbie Rowe: Michael Is Not The Father of My Kids

According to Star Magazine, by way of an unnamed British newspaper (why? what's up with some attribution, Dolce and Gotti -- eh?), Jacko "is not the natural father of ex-wife Debbie Rowe's two children, Prince Michael I, 6, and daughter Paris, 5 (ed note: surprised? Neither am I)-- according to a British newspaper, which claims to have uncovered a 'legal dossier' of documents drawn up by Debbie as she prepares to "seek temporary exclusive custody of the children."

(The Corsair munches on unsalted popcorn and stares at his screen)

The story written by Neil Blincow and Alex Burton continues, "Within the report of these legal documents, Rowe, 41, is quoted as saying, 'I have no information whatsoever about the identity of the semen donor for either child, as such semen was obtained anonymously from a semen bank, under an agreement of confidentiality."

(The Corsair whistles silently to himself)

"I consented to the artificial insemination with the specific intent of bearing a child, to which Michael would be the father and treated in all respects as the father" without the necessity of adoption, the Star reports.

They continue, "... In exchange for bearing Jackson two children, Rowe reportedly received $11 million, a $3 million Beverly Hills home, and payment of her monthly expenses. In a surrogacy agreement -- reportedly signed Jan. 23, 1996, ten months before their marriage -- Debbie agreed 'to knowingly and voluntarily waive [her] right to contest Michael's paternity of either child' and 'consent to Michael being declared the father.'"

Whoa. I could tell you that the documents are reported to state that Jacko "imposed a 'no-sex' ban on Rowe for six months prior to her artificial insemination, to avoid 'any possibility of semen being introduced into my body' in any other way."

I could also mention that "Beverly Hills fertility specialist Dr. Hal Danzer artificially inseminated Debbie on May 28, and May 29, 1996, with semen 'donated to, and for the use of' Jackson."

But then you wouldn't run over here to read The Star.

Okay Star, if this is true, I forgive you for that really wierd fake J Lo interview with Victoria Gotti (it was JLo's publicist)

(Ed Note: The Corsair will be published sporadically for the rest of the week, sorry about that)

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