Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Jacko is WIRED (and Wierd)

TheSmokingGun is posting a heavily edited document on their site that lists some of the things hauled away from Michael Jackson's estate and two other properties on November 18.

Of the loot, there are an astonishing number of computers and electronic gizmos (Apple, Cannon, etc) stashed at Neverland, which kind of freaked me out; and, of course, a Robb Report, "a trusted guide for the world's most successful, demanding, and educated magazine readers."

One of the dozen or so computers, court records show, was located "on the second shelf on the right hand side of locked closet in master bathroom."

Most of the Jacko's computers were returned to him after the hard drives were copied.

TheSmokingGun writes:

"According to the below Neverland inventory, Santa Barbara Sheriff's deputies removed computers, legal documents, magazines, and a Canon digital camera found in Jackson's master bathroom."

"... Agents searched Jackson's master bedroom, where they took a "note" found in a nightstand, and had to have a locksmith open the locked master bath (keys to the bathroom were apparently found later in a safe)."

Jacko's porn pal searched

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