Monday, February 23, 2004

Page Six Blind Items

Blind items are fun. With a little indirect communication we can avoid the whole lawyer mess. Today's PageSix presents us with some of the good stuff:

"WHICH Broadway composer had a torrid affair with fake plastic surgeon Dean Faiello, who fled to Costa Rica after he allegedly killed his patient Maria Cruz and buried her body under concrete in his Newark home? . . . WHICH 'happily married' model isn't so happy after all? Although she and her hubby present themselves as the perfect couple, insiders say they're talking divorce . . . WHICH porn hustler is so desperate for celebrity pals to attend Mardi Gras with him, he has offered every "star" a free ride on his jet, five-star accomodations and $4,000 in cash for play money? So far, no one will risk their reputation by being seen with him. "

Okay, the first one I have no idea about. I'm not even going to try to fake like I know anything about Broadway composers. The second one sounds like Cindy Crawford. I'm not quite sure why her particular name sprung to mind, but the image of domesticity is one that Crawford seems to be pushing a bit ... a bit ... too hard (do we need to see her blindingly-blond child in a commercial for automobiles?). Do we need to always see her progeny by the immensely shallow pub purveyor, "The Pulse," Rande Gerber? And the third sounds like Larry Flynt, who always wants attention. And he has a "centerfold pink" jet. Eeeeeewww.
Then again, Gawker, who is a better guess than me, says, "The third blind item... gotta be Joe Francis, right? I just saw him referenced on another headline as someone everyone's avoiding... And this has been months in the works. This sounds like something he'd do, and it sounds like something that should happen to him. It's about time, actually."

Yeah, Joe Francis sounds like someone who would pay celebrity to surround him at Mardi Gras.

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