Saturday, February 14, 2004

Who Will Be Kerry's Running Mate

Don't you know that Todd Purdham of the NY Times could have been waay ahead of the curve had he just logged into The Corsair back on February 2, 2004, when I gave my Veep picks for Kerry, which look alot like his. But nooo ... Anyhoo: we're not mad. But just to show how mighty our crystal ball is -- and we are not talking to political insiders like Purdham is -- let me "republish" my picks. Which, like I said before, look alot like Purdhams, although mine are about 2 weeks earler. Hmm. The Corsair as mightier than the Old Grey Lady ... we like, we like!

Feb 2, 2003 redux:

Okay, barring a strong John Edwards win in South Carolina and a strong Clark win in Oklahoma, you can gag the Democratic side of this election season with a fork, because, my little pomegranates, it's done, and John Kerry will likely be the nominee. (ed note, Feb 14, 2004: he prolly still will) But who will Kerry pick for Veep? Here are some thoughts:

Max Cleland. The Corsair believes that he is the likely choice for a running mate. Pros: From Georgia, brings the South back into the mix ... former Senator ... triple amutee war hero would make a strong veterans campaign with Kerry -- and Vets are liely Republican voters ... expert on Homeland Security (big plus, as national security is a Republican stronghold) which Bill Clinton in a closed door meeting warned that the nominee must be strong on ... strong on health care ... could humiliate chicken hawk Cheney in a debate
Cons: Health might be an issue. (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: it's a fucking long ass sojourn through the country for a Veep, from Labor Day till the election -- can Cleland do it? I think so. Odds on favorite)

Gary Hart Pros: Vast intellect, PhD, Oxford, Political Philosophy ... wise from his time out in the political wilderness ... Strong in the Southwest ... devastating debator Cons: Old adultery charge may still stick in the Bible Belt ... may be more useful to the Democratic Party in a Senate bid against the very weak Ben Knighthorse Campbell ... Possible Secretary of State, a la his hero, Jefferson (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: with Drudge infused affair allegations riding the ethers, stick this pick with a fork, baby, it's done)

John Edwards. Pros: Young up-and-comer, would play well with Kerry, lookswise ... Could bring the South, providing he can win the South Carolina primary and show strong in Arizona and Oklahoma ... has a base in the Dem party ... ferocious debator honed from years as a trial lawyer taking on corporate powerhouses who, often, pleaded to settle out of court rather than face Young Edwards.
Cons: Young, inexperienced ... former trial lawyer with a mile long money trail to their lobbies. (ed note Feb 14, 2004: after Cleland, this one is the hot pick, though the Edwards camp is seething about the hot mike Kerry comment that Edwards, "can''t even win his own state." Will Edwards bite the bullet, silence raging campaign staff and be a good Veep for the good of the party and himself?)

Bill Richardson Pros: Governor of ultra-crucial New Mexico ... Latino ... former UN Ambassador and seasoned diplomat would give international cooperation credit points to ticket
Cons: None. (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: hot like salsa)

Wesley Clark Pros: Longshot, but if he wins big in Oklahoma and the conservative Southwest he could be in the cut ... General would give strong military backing to ticket ... would humiliate chickenhawk Cheney in a debate ... strong with African-Americans
Cons: Too closely tied to Bill Clinton, who wants Hillary '08, which may be an issue. (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: Wes is bitter as the Clintonistas dumped his ass as soon as he started looking like yesterday's donuts. Could be Sec of Defense in a Kerry White House. An effective military attack dog. Will work well with a Cleland Veep)

Dick Gephardt Pros: Outside of Cleland and Edwards, the most likely running mate ... most popular pol in pivotal swing state Missouri ... would be perfect for a Kerry-Gephardt Northern labor-veterans strategy against a Bush South ... comes with the backing of labor, a Democratic must needs ... a truly good guy who dropped out and endorsed Kerry early: he did the right thing
Cons: Wooden on the stump, charismatically challenged (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: this ticket may be too damn Northern top heavy. Could be the greatest and most powerful Sec of Labor in US history in a Kerry White House)

Evan Bayh Pros: Young up and comer, popular moderate Democrat from a Republican state ... would look good stumping with Kerry ... strong political family ... Would play well in Bush states ... hugely ambitious for national office, a quick study
Cons: A long shot ... may not even be able to deliver Indiana, his home state, against Bush (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: not bloody likely, but it would harken to the Tom Sawyer-Huck Finnish days of Clinton-Gore '92)

Bob Graham Pros: Most Aggressively Campaigning for this position ... got out early ... most popular elected official in CRUCIAL Florida ... Senate Intelligence Committee Cons: Bad ticker ... charisma challenged. (ed note: Feb 14, 2004: The Corsair believes that Graham, who lusts after this position so badly that our computer screen is blurred, prolly had a deal with the Dean peeps, so he may be radioactive to Kerry; then again loyalty, in politics, is mobile, like la donna)

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