Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Whatever Happened to the NY Press?

The NY Press used to be an interesting read -- all snarky and conservative and above all relevant -- and now it has become an Eastern European literary magazine. What happened! I once even wrote an article on The Great Books for them a la Alan Bloom. It was the anti-Village Voice, young, angry, smart and media centric; low on facts, hard on rhetoric: New York Press was the Zeitgeist, it was a dissonant more working class continuation of the Spy Magazine tradition. I miss it, god damn it. Russ Smith sold it for $2 million, but he should have taken the the great Taki Theodoropoulos made him years ago -- $5 million. The worst hangover I have ever had was after a Taki dinner party at Elaine's for sex offender Scott Ritter -- I shit you not. Only, he wasn't a child offender at the time, he was opposing Clinton and Hussein ... it's a loong story. Anyway, the last thing I remember was drinking with Taki and Chris Buckley in the back of Elaine's arguing over the Great Books ... and I woke up very, very sick. Never try to drink a Greek writer under the table. And never, I mean never, try to outdrink Christopher Hitchens ... but that's another story.

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