Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Guessing The New York Post Blind Items

Guessing at blind items is almost as much fun as knowing that you are right, which I do not profess in any way shape or form.

Page Six ran a few blind items today, one of which, listed under "Just Asking" asked, "WHICH Oscar-nominated actress has a cheating boyfriend? When she's away on location, a third party visits him from England, and the third party is a man ..."

Could that be Irish actor Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron's fiance? In an interview with The Advocate, dated March 5, 2002, he said: "'My first time in a nightclub with a gay friend, I walked into a room full of men kissing each other, and I was shocked by the energy of the place--the muscles! I had never been in that environment before, and I freaked a little. The homophobia barrier closed in around me--I was scared. But I've grown up a bit since then,' laughs actor Stuart Townsend." I am completely guessing on this.

But: Hmmm. I mean, it can't be Diane Keaton as Nicholson is pretty into girls.

The other blind items were, "WHICH cable TV news anchor took a two-week vacation to get some hair plugs? But he had to take a third week because they didn't heal in time and he had tiny scabs all over his scalp . . . WHICH indicted celebrity is rumored to have lost his cool when the victim caught him having sex with another man?"

On the last one The Corsair hasn't a clue, there are just too many goddam indicted celebrities to even hazard a guess (although I will guess that it is NOT James Brown)

But on the first blind item, since Shep Smith has a full head of hair, we are going to guess Anderson Cooper.

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