Thursday, February 26, 2004

Page Six Blind Items

Thank god for Page Six blind items, they keep bloggers like me busy, especially on the slow days. This is no different:

"WHICH Broadway hunk lost his chance at being the next James Bond because of rumors he's gay? The movie's producers found out he was a little too close to his male assistant, and were worried about the secret getting out and weakening the Bond machismo . . . WHICH former supermodel and her hubby are on the rocks? His constant philandering with sexy young women in bars has finally come to a head, and she is said to be shutting off the tap on their marriage . . . WHICH hard-partying 'celebrity deejay' was recently bounced from L'Ermitage hotel and the Hyatt in L.A. while frittering away his share of the family fortune on drugs and booze?"

The first one, I'll guess is Hugh Jackman. I don't know why I say that, but it just seems right. Gawker agrees. Choire Sicha writes, "Hugh Jackman, this one's easy; he's starring as a gay playboy in 'Boy from Oz' and he's the only one hot enough right now to be considered for James Bond... no, John Stamos in 'Nine' doesn't count..."

The second blind item is Cindy Crawford, The "bars" comment screams "The Pulse" Rande Gerber, who owns bars and is a former model. Gawker agrees, "Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber?"

The last one is hard. Very hard. I'm guessing Paul Sevigny, because, frankly, he and Rosanna Arquette are the only celebrity deejays I know about. But I'm pretty sure I am wrong on that. Gawker has a better guess. "How about Cameron Douglas, Michael's 23-year-old son-- maybe he's in need of a little attention?"

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