Tuesday, February 03, 2004

That was Steven Brill All Over

originally published November 22, 2003:

From James Cramer's autobiographical Confessions of a Street Addict, on mini mogul Steven Brill:

"(Brill) never did know when to quit, though, and could not bear to lose at anything. At the firm's summer outing at Brill's Westchester mansion, he divided us into teams, placing us in his pool, and insisted we play a vicious game of water polo where dunking was encouraged and expected. He relished the contact, being a head taller than just about anyone else on the opposing squad, including me. Just as I was about to score what would have been the tying goal for my team, Brill sank his teeth into my throwing arm, spouting blood into the clear water in a steady stream. As everyone looked on in horror, I could only laugh. That was Steve all over."

The Corsair is currently in the fetal position, knees touching his pronounced cheekbones, rocking himself back and forth, mumbling over and over again, "the New York media will be the end of me..."

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