Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wonkette on On The Media

Ana Marie Cox appeared on NPR's On The Media, and hit one out into the rafters:

"Bob Garfield: Now, I think what put Wonkette on the map was its link to Jessica Cutler's weblog. Would you just please tell me about this episode and how you discovered her, and then what happened next.

"ANA MARIE COX: Someone just sent me a link to her blog, which was called The Washingtonienne. It only had been a going concern for about a month maybe, maybe three weeks. And it was a very brightly written diary of her sex life -- her very graphic and somewhat risky sex life.

"BOB GARFIELD: And occasionally remunerative--

"ANA MARIE COX: Yes, occasionally -- after all this happened, she was always very careful to say, like it's not like people paid her for sex, but they were having sex and they were giving her money. Maybe it was just a coincidence. [LAUGHTER]"

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