Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Halle Berre Can't Stop Breaking Wind

Or, Halle, Loosing an Isaiah (oh .... phew!)

According to Ananova, via TeenHollywood.com, "Halle Berry has confessed she can't stop breaking wind."

The Corsair rubs his chin in confusion.

"According to Teenhollywood the actress has been on an intense exercise regime to shape up for her role in Catwoman and has been drinking protein shakes to help enhance her muscles.

"But she has discovered the drinks have given her some unwanted side effects.

"Halle confessed: 'It was wicked stuff. I had the worst gas in the world!'

The same, The Corsair would like to relate, could be said of her "performance" in the stinker "Losing Isaiah."

In fact, let it be that whenever Our Halle lets out a "silent but deadly," emission, it should to be referred to correctly as the Oscar Winner "loosing an Isaiah."

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The Corsair said...

aawwwww, lil' Chovie. If Julia does that she has to give you props NYC Girl.