Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Blind Item's blog has this intriguing blind item:

"The Self-Destructive Stud

"Depending on how hip your household is, he may or may not be a household name. But this moviemaking wild child is credited with some very high-profile movies, some of them memorably good, some memorably bad. With a simple cell phone call, he can land a meeting with practically any big noise in town. He can even land a girlfriend now and then, although he much prefers ordering out exotic dishes from escort services (and not exclusively from the high-dollar agencies either, if you catch Dolly�s way-way-south-of-Western-Avenue drift). The real lowdown on this guy is that he is majorly addicted to self-destructive and risky behavior, whether it�s rough and raunchy sex, driving one of his zillion dollar sports cars like a bat out of hell while soaring on various illegal substances, or cutting and burning himself deliberately in all sorts of tender places. No wonder he tends to wear long sleeves to all those high powered meetings, no matter how scorching the temperature."

Any guesses?

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