Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Britney Disses Bono's Progeny

The 3AM Girls serve up the pipin hot scoop on Britney:

"THERE'S nobody quite like Britney Spears when it comes to erratic behaviour.

"According to our spies, the 22-year-old diva 'had a turn' following one of her gigs in Dublin last week."

The Corsair turns up Mobb Deep's Got It Twisted, grabs a bowl of unsalted popcorn and reads

"And who was it that rattled the poor poppet? Step forward the children of rock legend and all-round decent bloke Bono.

"The U2 frontman's kids were at the concert and wanted to meet Brit backstage after the gig. As it turned out, that was easier said than done.

"'Britney was having none of it,' an insider reveals. 'She just point-blank refused to meet them and they were very disappointed.

"'She made some excuse about being too tired. It's ridiculous if she thinks she's too important to meet the offspring of a legend like Bono.'"

The Corsair continues:

"... Our source added: 'Some of Colin Farrell's neighbours were there with their children and Britney had them ushered straight inside."

"Perhaps the change in attitude had something to do with Britney's fling with 28-year-old Farrell last year.

"'He's a great looking guy,' says our insider. 'Colin's hot property right now. So who could blame Britney if she still has a soft spot for him and wants to make a good impression on his neighbours?'"

"Hmm, one person who might mind is current lover Kevin Federline. The loved-up couple had arrived in Ireland by private jet, before being whisked to the plush Westbury Hotel in a blacked-out limo.

"... According to our source: ' ... Kevin's main role appeared to be chief bag carrier.'

Sit, Kevin, sit ... good dog.

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