Friday, June 18, 2004

Magazine Editors: Hot or Not

Mediabistro's magazine editor hot or not contest is over, and some interesting observations came out of the 8,000 or so insider votes:

"Some voters did get the point. '(Cargo's Ariel Foxman) is younger and hotter than Jann (Wenner), but Jann could do much more for a rising editor's career,' wrote a respondent in the gay-man category, with exactly the sort of opportunism we were seeking. 'None of the guys appeal to me, but Graydon Carter could advance my career the most,' wrote a similarly strategic thinker, this time in the straight-man field. 'Maybe I could get my screenplay produced,' snarked another Carter voter."

The Corsair crumples a c-note and throws it on the dresser of

Gawker comments:

"Evidently Harper's in-house email from the PR office for local crazy-man Lewis Lapham was unsuccessful (don't lie, kids, we saw the email), as Men's Health's David Zinczenko pounded Lewis and the other straight men."


"All that out of the way, congratulations to the four winners of's first Magazine Editor Hot-or-Not competitions: Spin's Sia Michel, who won a majority of votes in the woman category; Men's Health's Dave Zinczenko, whose pretty-boy rep was well underlined by his trouncing of his straight-man competitors; Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner, who at press time held a slim, 20-odd-vote lead over Cargo's Ariel Foxman (big surprise: the most action was among the gay men); and, finally, Playboy's Hugh Hefner, who won the legends race but�somewhat surprisingly, given his rep�wasn't too far ahead of Vogue's Diana Vreeland, who's been dead for 15 years."

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