Thursday, June 17, 2004

Blind Items's blog has this one:

"I was recently invited, through a friend, to one barely legal starlet�s party at the Hollywood Hills ranch rented for her by her current film's production office. As the party filled with handsome young stars, I went looking for the bathroom (too many margaritas!) and when I saw a long queue, I went to find another one. What I found instead was the movie star�s office/storage room, where there was a large framed photo of her ex-boyfriend and his new brunette girlfriend having sex on Malibu�s El Matador Beach. The photo looked like it was taken paparazzi-style, from behind one of the beach�s giant rock formations in the sand, but it was blown up and expertly framed. When I asked one of the starlet�s stylists if she knew anything about the porn photo, she said that the actress 'likes to watch' and that she gets really turned on by thinking about her current boy getting it on with other women (and boys) in front of her. In this case, it appears that the actress shot the photo herself, post-breakup."

I have no idea. Keira Knightley and her ex-Jamie Dornan? Any other guesses?

Page Six has:

"WHICH basketball legend didn't limit his activities to golf on a recent trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C.? He spent some quality time with a pretty little Asian girl who works for a timeshare resort."

Well, I'm guessing either Michael Jordan or Charles Oakley as both was there at the end of May (the Memorial Day weekend), playing holes at Barefoot's Dye Club and the Norman and Love courses. Playing holes and playing ho's. Jordan is legendary at that.

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