Thursday, June 03, 2004

FLYBY: Jake Gyllenhall: The Next Superman

Sure, Tina Brown obsessed about him on Topic A on Sunday, and Entertainment Weekly gushed over him with their cover story this week, but now, as Superman, Jake Gyllenhall will finally get the chance of his star to shine, at least according to Star:

"Although it's his starlet girlfriend Kirsten Dunst who makes him weak -- rather than Kryptonite -- sources say Jake Gyllenhaal is set to soar now that he's landed the coveted role of Superman. Star can exclusively report that Gyllenhaal, 23 -- best-known for his roles in The Good Girl, with Jennifer Aniston, 35, and Donnie Darko -- beat out actors like Ashton Kutcher, 26 and Brendan Fraser, 35, to play the Man of Steel."

The Corsair quietly mouths the words: "Brendan Frasier?!"

"Headshots of potential actors were on a wall under the characters'names in the film's production office, says an insider, adding: 'They used to have all these possibilities under Superman/Clark Kent. Now, there's only one headshot: Jake Gyllenhaal.'"

The Corsair raises his arms in triumph, shouting, for all the world to hear: "Jake Gyllenhall: It Boy!"

"With his all-American good looks and proven acting skills, Gyllenhaal was reportedly once tapped as a backup to play Spider- Man in the sequel last spring, after Tobey Maguire, 28, cited back problems just before the sequel went into production. Now, thanks to all the publicity and attention the potential role brought him, an insider says Warner Bros. has found their Superman. 'It showed them that Gyllenhaal could be thought of as a credible action-hero,' says the insider.

"The insider says many of Hollywood's hottest young actresses are being considered for the role of the brainy beautiful sidekick, Lois Lane, including Beyonce Knowles and Keira Knightley, both 22, according to sources. Meanwhile, That '70s Show star Topher Grace, 25, is up for cub reporter Jimmy Olsen. The insider adds, the film will be directed by McG, 33, whose work includes the two Charlie's Angels movies and the hit TV show, The O.C."

Yes, Lois Lane, the star feature reporter for The Daily Planet must be a 22-year old hottie, dont ask us why. We prefer she be played by a Victoria's Secret model.

"Star can also reveal that the production office is trying to keep the project top secret. 'Instead of the name Superman on the door, there's the code-name Flyby,' says the source. The role of Superman was made famous on the big screen by Christopher Reeve, now 51, who appeared in four Superman films from 1978 to 1987. The movie's revival was reportedly first discussed in 1993, and reports say filming will begin in winter 2005, with a release in 2006. Gyllenhaal's reps would not comment."

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