Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Cheesecake at Abu Graib?

From the August 2004 issue of Vibe, an cover feature story on The Diddy by Lola Ogunnaike:

"Tucked away in the back seat of his chauffer driven SUV, three days before he makes public his decision to dismantle Bad Boy's Da Band, Diddy launches into a passionate diatribe about work ethic and the group's lack thereof. Borrowing a line from Raisin (In The Sun), he diagnoses Dylan -- the groups resident rebel -- with 'acute ghettoitis'

"'He has a self-destruct button and doesn't take life seriously. So many young men and women don't take life seriously and don't decide to get off the corner until they're around 35, talking about you want to own a record company or open up a store,' says Diddy.'You wanted to spend 10 years hanging on the corner, smoking blunts, sleeping all day, and when it's time to get serious at 35 you wanna look at the other cats that's hustled since they was 16 and be mad at them?'

"Standing tall on his soapbox, an amped Diddy continues. Da Band's initial refusal to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn to fetch him cheesecake comes to mind. 'If I were them, I would go get cheesecake right now, butt naked with some razor-blade strippers on, sliding through an alcohol pond."

Tell us how you really feel, Diddy.

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