Saturday, June 12, 2004

Christian Slater Likes The Strippers

Those 3AM girls once again serve up a dish of some extra spicy fixins, with silicone enhanced ... uhm, "enhancements" (ka-pow!):

"...The 34-year-old True Romance star gave his credit card a severe pounding during a trip to London lapdancing club Sophisticats (The Corsair averts his gaze at the highly dubious namings of British flesh establisments) on Wednesday.

"And even though he's worth a fortune, he got a huge shock when he was handed the bill for his evening's, er, entertainment.

"'Slater racked up a really hefty bill,' says our spy at the club."

The Corsair grabs some unsalted popcorn and, in a single elegant "sophisti-catted" leap (ka-pow!), lands right in front of his screen.

"'It came to around ($14,540). Perhaps lap dances are cheaper in America because he wasn't too happy about coughing up the cash. But he did eventually pay up.'"

" ... He was so taken with the dancers, he whisked six of them off to a private room.

"Our source adds: 'Christian was there on his own and he hand-picked the blonde bombshells to party on with him."

The Corsair sips a glass of Cutty Sark, leans back on the sofa, turns on Kid Rock CD and watches all the action in the room.

"'(Slater) took them into the blacked-out VIP room where he enjoyed private dances for hours.

"'It's hard to believe he's a big movie star. He didn't look like a sex symbol at all - more like a scruffy tramp wearing just cheap jeans and a shirt."

Damn. Whatever happened to the testosterone-laden anthem: "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Did that just go the way of the Dodo or what?

Huh? The humanity:

"He seemed to be the worse for wear and was drinking champagne. But he loved the attention the girls were giving him. It's a bit sad, though, if you have to pay for that attention."

"Slater, a father of two who is married to Ryan Haddon (Ed Note: That mugshot link may be the prime reason Slater needs the "extra" loving, if you can dig it), seems to be a bit of a lapdancing aficionado.

"He joined Ben Affleck on a wild night out at a Canadian strip bar last year - an event which led to a serious fall-out between Ben and J.Lo. And this isn't his first visit to Sophisticats either.

"'Last time he arrived with three or four friends and spent loads of cash,' reveals our spy. 'They were drinking bottles of Cristal Rose champagne at ($900) a time.'

"A club spokesman confirmed: 'Yes, we had a visit from Christian Slater. It's his second time - he really likes it here. He had dances from six girls. There were two in particular he liked, both young blondes. He was having a hell of a lot of fun with them.'"

I hope it was worth $14,540 of sophisticash (ka-pow!).


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