Thursday, June 24, 2004

Stasi Drugged; Spiegelman Pitches to Moss' New York?

According to fashionweekdaily:

"New York Post columnist / TV writer Linda Stasi was out of commission for a few days recently after someone drugged her drink during a night on the town. Stasi felt sick after a cocktail at the Villard Bar and Lounge in the New York Palace Hotel the other night. She went to the hospital and was treated for mild poisoning, and had to be hooked up to an IV at one point. Doctors told her she was drugged but did not know what with, and Stasi has no idea who might have slipped her the mickey or why. She is said to be reviewing her legal options."

Brandusa Niro's Fashionweek Daily is coming on bold and fast with the scoops (Full Disclosure: The Corsair occasionally does projects for Brandusa, so take this with a grain of salt if you must, but we like her, she's got a fantastic, larger than life personality).

Fashionweekdaily continues, "Graydon Carter's new hire from the salmon-hued weekly, Frank DiGiacomo, is said to be working on a piece about New York gossip columnists for his first assignment."

Which is interesting, considering the war going down between Page Six and Lloyd Grove, with appearances by Howard Stern and Beth Ostrowsky, the National Enquirer's Mike Walker and New York Press Editor Jeff Koyen, for good measure. It's like a goddamn gossip World War Three up in this bitch, yo. Anyhoo, fashionweekdaily continues:

" ... Page Six scribe Ian Spiegelman, who got the axe earlier this week after some ill-advised remarks he made to the New York Daily News, is pitching a piece about his travails to New York magazine."

Ian Spiegelman is genius, and Adam Moss would be a fool not to jump on this as a cover story that would generate phenomenal media buzz. Each can be useful to the other. Moss' vision and Spiegelman's blood vendetta mesh well in this instance: Moss likes to reveal how the city's power institutions work, and who can give a better view into the New York gossip industry than the outspoken and clearly out for revenge Spiegelman. Fresh faced Alexandra Polier wagging her finger at (The Corsair makes quotation mark gestures out of thin air)"The Media"? Fuck no, baby pop, lets go with a Rablasian alpha male like Ian Spiegelman attacking Daniel Dechert's upcoming New York Press article, which, incidentally, no one in The Chattering Classes worth their weight in black clothing will read, because, like, I mean, really -- who reads the New York Press? (Averted Gaze) That organization is covered in loser dust.

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