Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Night At The Bijou

How about that Bijou Phillips. It's like 1995 again and Bijou is on a rampage. A rampage, my friend. Methinks that when Papa Phillips named his cute offspring Bijou, he never foresaw the shenanigans that plague LA today. According to Page Six, Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Bijou and Johnson and Johnson heiress Casey Johnson. But, as you can imagine, most of the rough and tumble comes from the very punchy Bijou, with a very special guest cameo by Matthew Perry of Friends:

"As PAGE SIX first reported, Lenz obtained a restraining order against Phillips and Johnson after they confronted her at L.A. club XES on June 6, where Phillips attacked Lenz, punching her and dragging her 'across the room' by her ponytail, according to the suit. Lenz claims the actress was eventually pulled off her by Matthew Perry of 'Friends' and thrown out by security.

"The next afternoon, Lenz says she was again menaced by Phillips when they ran into each other at a charity event in Pacific Palisades. 'Shortly after plaintiff arrived, Phillips proceeded to yell obscenities at her and loudly called plaintiff a whore, a prostitute, a thief and other derogatory terms,' according to the suit.

"The suit also claims that the Los Angeles Police Department, after searching Lenz's apartment and interviewing her 'several times,' does not consider her a suspect in the alleged burglary of Johnson's jewelry.

"The accusations that Lenz stole Johnson's jewels have 'greatly damaged her present and future earning potential as a professional model and actress,' the suit says.

"Attached to the court filing is a PAGE SIX item detailing Phillips' history of violent behavior, including cutting off the tip of a friend's finger with a cigar cutter, stabbing another friend in the leg and slamming a socialite to the ground at a nightclub."

About that cigar-finger incident, Bijou was interviewed for Index Magazine by Bruce LaBruce:

"BRUCE: Celebrity Sleuth once mentioned an urban myth about you cutting off some guy's little finger in a cigar cutter?

"BIJOU: Look, some jerk was coming on to me all night, grabbing my ass while I was dancing with my friends.

"BRUCE: Where was it?

"BIJOU: At Spy. We were all smoking cigars, and there was a cigar cutter. I dared my friends to put their fingers in it, and they're like, 'Yeah, Bijou. Whatever. Go away.' And then I saw that jerk who was bothering me, and I thought, 'Oh, that guy, he'll do it.' So I said, 'I dare you to stick your finger in there.' And he goes, 'Well what does it do?' I mean, if he's dumb enough to stick his finger in the fucking cigar cutter in the first place, then he deserves a little nick. I gave him a little nick and that was it.

"BRUCE: And there was blood, no doubt.

"BIJOU: He was bleeding for a minute, he grabbed some napkins and wrapped them around his finger. Then he came over and asked for my phone number. He said I owed him dinner.

"BRUCE: So how does that turn into an urban legend?

"BIJOU: Because a lot of people were there that night, like Leo and all those guys saw it. Everyone was like, 'She cut the fuckin' finger off, man, the finger was on the floor, she picked it up, it was horrible. I don't know, dude, she's fuckin' nuts. Fuckin' nuts.'

"BRUCE: [laughing] That makes a better story than if you'd actually done it.

"BIJOU: I was so young. I'd grown up with a family that was just a bunch of fucking junkies so I didn't have any manners or life skills."

Manners and life skills are so important when you're dragging a Playboy Playmate by her ponytail across the room at EXS.

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