Thursday, June 17, 2004

Janice Min: The Best Week Ever

The swell guys at Fashionweekdaily, one of my other gigs, have a juicy scoop. Saucy even:

"Last week�s issue of Us Weekly, the one that took you 'Inside J.Lo�s Wedding,' sold about 1 million copies on the newsstand and is rumored to have delivered editor in chief Janice Min a hefty five-figure bonus. An insider tells The Daily that Min�s editorial contract included a bonus clause that could deliver her Hollywood style money for superb sales figures. '[The bonus] will certainly be enough to put her new baby through college,' the insider jokes."

And, to top things off, Min had a baby the same week.

What a week, congratulations Janice, now repeat after me: "Bonnie who"?

Leeny Kravitz, Gap model?

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