Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Jemima and Imran Khan Split Up: Jet Set in Chaos

First the death of Egon Von Furstenberg, now this. Lord, I implore thee (sips from Cutty Sark), spare the jet set any more pain! Jet set poster couple Imran and Jemima Khan have said their goodbyes, according to Hello!:

"British socialite Jemima Khan has split up from her husband, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, nine years after their 1995 wedding."

A translucent tear gently, aristocratically glides down The Corsair's fuzzy cheek, like a sailboat navigating the breakers of the Tyrranean Sea.

"A spokesperson for the political party which Imran founded in Pakistan said, 'Imran and Jemima have ended their marriage.' The comment came just two months after Imran quashed rumours that the marriage was in trouble and insisted that Jemima was simply studying in Britain but would be returning to Pakistan after completing her degree."

The Corsair lowers his head bangs his keyboard and mouths the words: 'Why'?

"Jemima's move back to London from Lahore last year with the couple's two young boys, Suleiman and Qassim, had caused speculation about state of their marriage.

"Once back in the UK, she was able to take up her studies again and to renew the kind of social life which she had always enjoyed as the daughter of the late billionaire tycoon James Goldsmith."

The Corsair pours himself a stiff double shot of Cutty Sark looking longingly at the screen.

"While Imran pursued his political ambitions, he was frequently absent from family life and it was noted that he did not appear for Jemima's 30th birthday earlier this year."

The Corsair knocks back the shot lightening fast.

"Last month, Imran's former girlfriend Sita White died in Los Angeles at the age of 43, leaving their 12-year-old daughter Tyrian apparently to his care. But it has since emerged that she made a change to her will shortly before her untimely death, specifying that Tyrian should be left in Jemima's custody, not Imran's.

"Tyrian had spent her summer holidays with Jemima and the boys in London after the two women struck up an email friendship three years ago. It appears that Sita preferred her daughter not to be brought up in Pakistan."

"Non omnia vincit amor, " says the Corsair as he stares distractedly into the sunset.

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