Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mary Kate: Not Anorexia ... (Sotto Voce) "Rehab"

Gawker first reported last week that Mary Kate Olsen may not be in a clinic for anorexia, and now, I suppose, with the revelations of Star, it is official: Mary Kate Olsen is in rehab:

"Star magazine reveals that Mary-Kate Olsen- who along with twin sister Ashley, form a multi-millionaire power duo-is being treated for a cocaine addiction in an exclusive facility in Utah.

"Mary-Kate is currently residing at the exclusive Cirque Lodge in Utah, which is known for its scenic mountain views and a new-age, intensive-therapy approach to treating drug addiction. She was checked in by her father Dave Olsen on June 11, and spent her 18th birthday there by herself on June 13.

"The recommended 30-day program costs $29,850, and patients are free to come and go as they please, if their counselor agrees to give them a pass.

"The facility's website says it treats eating disorders in addition to drug and alcohol addictions. As it's been widely reported, Mary-Kate is also battling anorexia."

When are we going to just outlaw child stars? In The Corsair's perfect world, no on under the age of, say 15 would be allowed to become a professional actor, and if a director needed to cast a child he would have to use his own kid, or make a case to a court for why the child is needed and how he/she would look out for their welfare. Exposing kids to Hollywood ... it's just wrong. Okay, The Corsair is not going to moralize any longer. (The Corsair takes a deep breath of fresh air) Just needed to get that out.

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