Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What's Happening to Choire Sicha's Squirrel?

We heart Choire Sicha but something strange is happening to Choire Sicha's squirrel. It is being X-ed out of existence and is vanishing at the same time. The squirrel has long been an object of fascination in the blogosphere.

What does it signify? Is it an ancient work of art from a gallery? Does it's secret origins lie in a lost civilization? What is it?

I quote Choire from his very own website:

"On June 1, 2004, the squirrel that for quite some time marked this website began to die. It's nearly invisible now, as you can see, all white and see-through. Fairly soon, I will no longer be the squirrel at all. Goodbye, sad kingdom of squirreldom. Too bad, but change is on me.

"Not sure what animal I'll be next, but we'll all certainly see as soon as I find out."

And, we cannot fail to mention the striking similarities -- we are not implying anything here, mind you -- with Red Dragon antagonist and serial killer Francis Dollarhyde:

"I am the Dragon. / And you call me insane. / You are privy to a great becoming, but you recognize nothing. / You are an ant in the afterbirth. / It is your nature to do one thing correctly. / Before me, you rightly tremble. / But, fear is not what you owe me. / You owe me awe."

The Corsair trembles

You do the math.

And be afraid ... be very afraid.

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You think the Gothamist thread is obsessed with the squirrel? Check out this: