Friday, June 11, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Napoleon Dynamite. I went to a screening last night and loved this quirky indie MTV film. (Ed note. The Corsair writes for VH1's Best Week Ever blog, so you can take this with a grain of salt, if you wish) Granted, this is not Heidegger, but it is a sweet, funny, and odd skewering of Middle American cornfed jock and cheerleader culture. I adored it. By all means check this movie out, it is so choice, I highly recommend it.

Out: Ben Affleck, out with bronchitis, according to Ananova, via IMDB:

"Ben Affleck has been readmitted to hospital for the second time in a week suffering from severe bronchitis.

"The actor, who has been staying in his native Massachusetts with his mother and new love Enza Sambatoro, was first admitted to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center last month.

" ... On Monday he stayed for several hours for treatment, before being released."

Poor guy, his ex gets married on the rebound, and now, two bouts of bronchitis. And we won't even mention his last few stinker ... I mean films, he made. (The Corsair covers nose and exits room)

In: According to the MTV News (link via Whatevs) comedian Dave Chapelle is in early talks to play Rick James in a bio pic based on the rowdy funkster's upcoming book, "Memoirs of a Superfreak."

Folks, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

comment here or on VH1's Best Week Ever blog.

In: Fashionweekdaily's interview with The New York Post�?s new 25 year old nightlife columnist Elisa Lipsky-Karasz contains the following chestnut:

"How did you get to be an expert social chronicler?

"Reading a lot of Henry James, Balzac, and Edith Wharton in school. They were really the ultimate social chroniclers. But I've always been fascinated by the different characters you find in the social swirl, and to my mind there is nowhere more captivating than New York City. "

The Corsair is in love.

Out: How we loathe Don Imus, that leathery racist. Gawker reports Imus' thoughts on the passing of Ray Charles:

"Did anyone hear Don Imus on the death of Ray Charles this morning? (I certainly didn't -- I'd rather be bludgeoned with a radio than listen to it.) A reader says Imus spent some time making fun of Charles's 36 descendants: Imus said 'that's more than the Million Man March.' Then his cronies start naming the kids, 'Malcolm X Charles, Charles Charles, Ray Charles, Jr.' and laughing."

Charmed, I'm sure.

Now, now, Don, that kind of humor can be easily flipped, sort of like Paris Hilton in that video. Say, what if you and your dingybroadd of a wife Dierdre Imus birthed further offspring (The Corsair turns his head for a moment in abject horror), what would their names be?

Billy Bob, Lil' Mullet, Jedediah Kraker, the all purpose "Skyler," and, of course, who can forget Ezekiel.

Fuck you very much, Don Imus, you old racist ex-cokehead fuck.

In: We'd stalk Natalie Portman (The Corsair begins to perspire) but Queen Amidala got all (The Corsair makes imaginary quotation marks with his fingers into thin air) litigious that one time I camped outside her house with high powered binoculars, like the kind Luke Skywalker used in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and got a restraining order out on me.

Anyhoo: Fashionweekdaily stalks Natalie Portman so I don't have to remove my ankle bracelet.

Out: Carolina Herrera, Jr really harshed on my mellow the other day. According to an interview in the May 2004 Tatler, when asked what her biggest food vice is, she answered, "McDonalds andcondensedd milk. I put it on cakes, ice cream and jelly."


In: My pal Tom at most excellent The Media Drop notes that Britney Spears has been sued for the use of "In The Zone" as the title of her album:

"While I wholeheartedly believe in trademarks, copyrights, and the like, I think statements like the following from the attorney for Lite Breeze are probably overstepping their bounds a little bit. 'When people who buy T-shirts think of 'In the Zone,' they think of Lite Breeze,' ummmm, I don't think I would, actually. I'll even go out on a limb and suggest that 9 out of 10 people would agree with that. Maybe 'when people who buy T-shirts in San Diego think of 'In the Zone, they think of Lite Breeze' would be more valid. But since I'm not in San Diego, I can't say for sure."


Anonymous said...

To be fair, Imus was actually more upset about Ray Charles' passing than he was about President Reagan's. I didn't hear all of the show, but he was complaining about how no one was talking about Charles' death quite so much, and hadn't we had enough of Reagan's funeral stuff this week.

Bernard McGuirk, producer of the show, was talking more about Charles in that kind of sense, dropping insults about how many women Charles had children with, and then some. If anything, I'd say that Imus was defending Ray Charles most of the show - so Gawker's source needs to be a little clearer, IMHO. Not that Don didn't drop insensitive or racist, as I wouldn't put it past him - but I didn't what the source wrote in about.

Anonymous said...

btw, that comment was from me - forgot to sign the post.


The Corsair said...

Fair enough, BTW: you wrote that just at the same moment I added your Britney item, jinx!

I didn't hear Imus either, but it is in line with his racist comments of the past. Any pretext to take a shot at him, to be honest.

The Corsair said...
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