Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Entourage versus Entourage: P Diddy v Jesus

As I noted in the past, entourages have had a risorgimento. The Corsair would like to compare and contrast two of the more influential entourages in the past, oh, say, two millennia or so, namely: P Diddy's and Jesus Christ's.

Violence? Both entourages have caused a ruckus at one time or another. P Diddy's entourage poked NY Times Boldface columnist Joyce Wadler in the ribs. That's pretty roughneck, but JC has P Diddy beat: Peter, one of the leaders of Christ's entourage, sliced off the ear of Roman soldier Malchus -- and JC healed him! Cause Jesus is cool.

VIPs? JC has got P Diddy beat again. It goes without saying that P Diddy bestrides the earth on CP time, and is it well known that he basically unhooks any velvet rope that bars entry for him and his crew into whatever VIP event. He's old school like that. The velvet rope is not an impediment to having his drink on, fa sure, nah mean? That's cool: but JC is cooler. Pearly gates? No problem. JC can get his entourage into the most exclusive club of them all: heaven!

And, finally: Influence? Well, P Diddy's entourage is blazing with bling-bling, up and coming rappers, publicists and beefy former bouncers. But what about the future? What do these guys do after the gravy train dries up? Quite possibly 3 to 5 in Sing Sing. (Kidding. Can''t you guys take a joke about The Diddy? Sheesh.)

Anyhoo: The influence of JCs crew goes as far and wide as sub-saharan Africa, Central and South America and Western civilization, through the Early desert fathers, through the scholastic monks of the Medieval era, to the Roman Catholic Church, to the Protestants up to today's Evangelicals.

So, The Corsair concludes that Jesus of Nazereth had a cooler entourage than the P, I double D. Respect.

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