Wednesday, June 02, 2004

An Interview with Patrick Swayze

Entertainment Weekly's nubile journo Jessica Shaw did something that The Corsair has been trying to do for quite some time, namely, to interview pop icon Patrick Swayze.

We would ask him about The Outsiders ("Stay gold, Ponyboy ... stay gold"), and the horrible ... horrible Too Wong Foo (the title alone implies ... noxious).

But Our young Jessica Shaw didn't go there ... no, she took it to a whole new level and interrogated The Swayz on his hip pop cultural "edge." Why does The Swayze have juice and, say, Henry Winkler does not? Why can The Swayze strut through The Fort Greene Mall in Brooklyn and not get a cap busted in his ass? Such are the mysteries of The Swayz: he's like the wind.

And, while, yes, Jessica didn't quite give Swayze the respect that a man such as he deserves, a man of such multitudinous mullets; but she got the job done.

And, we like what she did:

Jessica Shaw: Was it your work in Tiger Warsaw or Three Wishes that inspired Ja Rule to cast you in his video for "The Reign"?

The Swayze: There's this term that seems to have caught on throughout the hip hop rap world: 'I'm Swayze.'

Jessica Shaw: --I'm sorry?

S-Bone: If you do something cool or it's time to get down, you say, 'I'm Swayze.' If it's time to kick ass, you say, 'I'm gonna Swayze on your ass.'

Jessica: You're telling me if I walk up to Jah Rule and say, 'I'm gonna Swayze on your ass,' and he'll know what I mean?

P. Sway: Everybody does. LL Cool J. Snoop Dogg.

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