Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Christina Aguilera Hits the Jackpot

Christina Aguilera, according to the 3AM Girls, plans to make some serious scratch overseas doing promotional work. A source tells them:

"'Christina doesn't need to do any promotional work as she's probably the hottest singer around right now. She receives dozens of requests each week but turns the majority of them down flat.'"

The Corsair sniffs.

"Even so, the opportunity to follow stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Sophia Loren, Victoria Beckham ... by opening the Knightsbridge store's summer sale was too good to resist.

"'Christina will be receiving ($366,199) for her duties, which include cutting the ribbon, making a welcome speech and attending a VIP breakfast with Harrods executives,' our informer reveals."

The Corsair slowly munches unsalted popcorn, fascinated:

"'She'll be in London for two days but her official duties will take no more than two hours.' And while ($183,099) an hour to schmooze with Harrods boss Mohammed Al Fayed may seem good money, Christina still wants more.

"'She's requested that a private jet be sent to pick her up from her home in California,' adds our source.

"And the diva demands don't stop there. 'She has to stay in a penthouse - she doesn't really care where it is as long as it's five-star quality.'

"'Christina has also asked for 10 bottles of room-temperature mineral water, which can be any brand except Evian.'"

Below are the other perks XTina requested, and remember: The Cheese must not contain canola oil:

-Private jet to and from her home in California.

-Luxury penthouse - must be five-star quality.

-Personal tour of Harrods store bargains before public are let in.

-Ten bottles of room temperature bottled water - any brand except Evian.

-Full-fat soy milk and cheese (must not contain canola oil, barley, oats or malt of any kind).

-Pottery coffee mugs - not plastic - with a selection of fruit teas.

-Platter of organic fresh fruit.

-Several bottles of vodka.

-Veuve Clicquot champagne - must be non-vintage.

-Several bottles of wine of specific grape varieties.

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Anonymous said...

Huh? Christina Aguilera is the hottest singer.....where? At the local go-go bar?