Monday, June 07, 2004

JLo Gets Married ... Again

J-Lo wed Mark Anthony on Saturday, according to the Daily News (link via Gothamist):

"The third time may be the charm for Bronx Bombshell Jennifer Lopez, who tied the superstar knot with singer Marc Anthony at surprise ceremony yesterday. The duo wed in front of about 40 guests at her Los Angeles estate, Us magazine reported.

"'It was a very lovely low-key intimate affair for the closest friends and family,' a Lopez friend told the magazine. 'Even guests were surprised.'"

The marriage takes place less than six months after breaking up with Ben Affleck.

The Daily News, which has been on this story like Hasselhoff on "urban music," also reported:

"(Ben Affleck), who was released from the hospital on J.Lo's wedding day, reportedly was recuperating from bronchitis at his mother's home in Cambridge, Mass., when the press caught up with him.

"'The world's got a few other problems,' said a spokesman for Affleck, the Boston boy whose high-profile engagement to the Bronx bombshell crumbled less than six months ago. 'Leave him alone.'"

And a Craigslister poetically considers, after the manner of a reverse stalker, a world without Bennifer.

And wedding pics (via Scott L's Stereogum)

And, Defamer notes that Mark Anthony, who just got a quickie divorce last Tuesday, still has his old wedding pictures up on his site. Like school on Saturday, Mark Anthony, no class ...

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