Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Jimmy Fallon Sighting

The La.com blog chronicles an odd Jimmy Fallon sighting:

"Jimmy Jonesing

"The other day, Jimmy Fallon strolled into Elixir, the teahouse on Melrose, with a friend. He was talking about how cool it was to be on vacation in LA. Then he approached just about everyone in the near-empty place, servers and customers alike, and asked where the nearest Sav-On was to his hotel, the Chateau Marmont. And asked, and asked, and asked, over and over. What in the world did he need so badly?"

Just a guess: As Fallon was a writer for Saturday Night Live, and, according to Jay Mohr's fascinating study on the culture there, most writers on the show are on anti-panic attack medication, I would say Jimmy Fallon was needing his Klonopin prescription filled right about then. Poor kid. But that's just a guess, in case any attorney's feel slap happy.

Just an educated guess from an acute mind.

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