Friday, June 11, 2004

Brenda Stronach and Bill Clinton: Friends or Lovers?

"(Brenda Stronach's) friends have gone out of their way to downplay salacious thinking about her friendship with Clinton. 'They are friends,' a close friend of Stronach's told the CanWest News Service last year, 'but there is not a romantic linkage. It's just not that way ... you shouldn't jump to conclusions that they are having a serious fling,' though the friend added Stronach's 'intrigued' by Clinton's 'charisma, brainpower, particularly his knowledge of world events.' Stronach, according to that friend, said of Clinton: 'The guy is really smart, and he knows a lot of stuff."

John Fund, Politics, The American Spectator, March 2004

So, Brenda Stonach, who may become Prime Minister of Canada and Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, are both the subjects of shouts and murmers round the Beltway of having had flings with Wild Bill.

Any other world leaders allege to know Bill Clinton in a Biblical manner? Right here's a good place to get it off your chest.

Personally, The Corsair is still just getting over Markie Post. Crazy like Swayze.

And in other breaking news: McCain rejects Kerry's Veep overture. Bet Clinton doesn't get too many rejected overtures, though. The further decline of the democrats. Kerry sucks.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Markie Post was hot on "Night Court" in those cover-everything dresses they put her in.

The Corsair said...

point well taken