Monday, June 07, 2004

Jay Z's Chicken Wing Chef

The 3AM Girls serve up quite the spicy appetizer today:

"MILLIONAIRE rapper Jay-Z is living proof that money can't buy you taste.

"Instead of spending his dough on eating out at the world's finest restaurants, the plucky star has added a new member to his burgeoning entourage - a dedicated chicken-wing chef."

The Corsair appreciates the "dedication" to that lost art form, but he wonders if this interferes with girlfriend Beyonce's lifetime free supply of Popeye's fried chicken.

"And Jay-Z is so convinced even London's poshest restaurants can't cater for him that he recently insisted his cook step in and take over the kitchens of one of them.

Oh, it's London ... well there you go: boiled food doesn't go over well in the hood; a hood needs the secret soul ingredient, the (makes finger marks in the air) "hot sauce."

"A source close to Beyonce Knowles' other half disclosed: 'Jay-Z had some important meetings in London and one of them took place at Nobu."

"But the ... Japanese cuisine - a favourite of celebs such as Robbie Williams and Pink - wasn't to 34-year-old Jay-Z's taste.

"Our spy continued: 'He was very polite but he made it clear that raw fish wasn't his thing. He had a couple of drinks and then left to go to flash caviar restaurant La Plume, which he'd heard was accommodating to stars' demands.'

"And it's just as well because this time the rapper wasn't taking any chances. We're told: 'A member of his entourage called ahead and said that he'd only come if his chicken-wing chef could take over the kitchen.

"'When the cook arrived he was in a panic as he wasn't sure if he'd brought enough Tabasco sauce for his secret recipe. It was pretty obvious Jay-Z wouldn't have been happy if it wasn't right."

The Corsair nods knowingly at the primacy of hot sauce with the urban palate.

"'He also likes to know where his chicken comes from and there's only one family-run farm in Mexico that he trusts."

Rappers can be eccentric about their food and food supplements.

"'His new cook is responsible for making sure there are 100 wings from this place available for him and his flunkies to eat every night.'

He got 99 problems but the wings aint one.

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Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Some musicans die of airplane crashes . . .

Some die from OD'ing . . .

Looks like this generation of musicians are all gonna die from high cholesterol.

Sex, grease, rock n roll . . .

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