Tuesday, June 29, 2004

48 Hours with Christina Aguilera

"We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."

Hegel's Philosophy of History

Odd how reality works it's way out. Simultaneous to Britney's career implosion, Christina Aguilera's career has come into it's own, gently, elegantly, birthed from the titanic struggle between the thesis of "What a Girl Wants," and the antithesis of "I Am Beautiful". Synthesis: the new, fashion darling, XTina, queen of the catwalk, celebrity endorser. Who would have guessed at that turn of events? Aguilera was the less pretty, less popular, more skanky of the two, only three years ago, but, it appears, with the fullness of time, she has won the diva-stakes; now it is Britney allegedly engaged to a man she allegedly stole from a woman who is having his second child.

I wouldn't really be surprised to see XTina on vacation in Corsica, checking out the ruins of Crusader castles. Okay, maybe I'm pushing the elegance thing, but you get the point. Christina Aguilera, according to British Vogue, who just decamped the private jet, mirabile dictu, this morning -- supplied, so generously by Mohamed Al-Fayed -- after receiving a whopping $366,000 for appearing at Harrod's. British Vogue writes:

"... The 23-year-old singer took to the catwalk for DSquared2's spring/summer 2005 show in Milan this morning - the day after opening the Harrod's sale in London. Aguilera first met the label's twins, Dean and Dan Caten, when they designed costumes for her world tour last year. Now she has returned the favour by endorsing their latest collection."

Before attending the DSquared2 event, the 3 AM Girls caught up with XTina at Harrod's:

"The 23-year-old - who looked stunning in a ($5,421) white Carlos Miele dress - arrived to open the sale in a horse-drawn carriage and was a little disturbed by some of the fillies' bodily functions.

"'It's so gross they way they just do that all over the street,' the tiny singer sniggered.

"'I can't believe somebody has to clean that up. Maybe they store it and throw it at people they don't like!'"

The Corsair can almost imagine Amy Poehler doing that impersonation.

"Chrissy recovered from her giggling fit just in time to greet the hundreds of screaming fans that lined the street.

"'It's so cool that they're here,' she said. 'Although the noise isn't helping my head!'

"Despite the 6am start, Christina had spent the previous night partying in London's Rouge bar and, like her favourite showbiz columnists, got in at 3am.

"'It was a great night but I'm paying for it now,' she laughed.

"After flexing her plastic on a deluxe Scrabble set ('I'll take on anyone at Scrabble! I'm the champ!'), five designer bags and seven hats, Chrissy decided the best cure for her aching head was a hair of the dog - and headed for the pet department.

"There, she found a love object to make boyfriend Jordan Bratman, 27, jealous - a bichon frise puppy called Lucy.

"'Don't you think she's gorgeous?' she asked (3AM reporter) Caroline. 'I really want to take her home with me. I'll have to see if they can sort it out.

"'She'll be great company when Jordan's not around. We're not engaged but we are very happy.'

"And while her flunkies tried to arrange a pet passport, Christina - who flew in on one of flamboyant store owner Mohamed Al Fayed's private jets - headed for the lingerie department.

"'I usually only wear Agent Provocateur but the John Galliano collection here is fabulous,' she gushed, before notching up a ($10,837) bill on sexy smalls.

"Looks like Jordan's got a treat in store ..."

The Corsair contemplates the treats ...

" ... Thirty-four bras and matching knickers,"

The Corsair shouts, angrily, "Who you calling a ... oh, you said knickers --oh, hahaha --I thought you said ..."

" ... 12 corsets and 10 suspender belts from John Galliano's collection for Christian Dior - ($10,837)

"Deluxe Scrabble set - ($63)

"Three Jimmy Choo bags - ($2,167)

"Five Philip Treacy hats - ($1,806)

She even stopped to chat with Hello!:

"... the Dirrty singer, who has reinvented herself as a classic screen siren, says we can expect to see more of her sophisticated new persona.

"'I am going to explore the music and art of the 1920s, '30s and '40s which will be an image change,' she said. 'It's that whole world of glamour and stars like Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.'

"Once she had greeting the hundreds of fans who turned out to see her, the 23-year-old headed inside to check out the bargains. 'I love a spree,' admitted the chanteuse. 'Shopping is definitely one of my vices.'"

It's a hard knock life ...

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