Monday, June 14, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Margaret Cho. The High Class Cho fashion designer and comediennespoke to Time Magazine this week about having her mike cut off at an event recently, "They were upset because I was making fun of the fact that George Bush fell off his bike. So they turned off my microphone. Then a whole band came onstage behind me and started playing Sweet Home Alabama, as if to Americanize the space. I was really insulted because I love Skynyrd."

Out: Bijou Phillips. Regarding the original rich girl gone wild, Page Six writes, "In Phillips' hellcat heyday, she gained fame as an underage nightclub fixture, heroin addict, Calvin Klein model and Interview magazine cover girl. Phillips had a violent streak back then, too � she stabbed a friend in the leg one Valentine's Day and severed another pal's fingertip with a cigar cutter. She once shoved a certain socialite to the ground at Spy nightclub � the injured heiress had to be rushed to the hospital and received stitches to her skull." The Sixers continue with a quote from Director James Toback, "who cast Phillips in 'Black and White,' may have summed it up best when he opined that she 'has no line between her unconscious and her articulation of it.'"

In: Halle Berry and that orange bikini. You know the one of which The Corsair speaks. According to Ananova via TeenHollywood:

"Halle Berry says she still uses the bikini she wore in the last Bond movie - to make sure she hasn't put on too much weight.

"Echoing Ursula Andress in Dr No, Berry famously emerged from the sea wearing the orange bikini in Die Another Day.

The Corsair will refrain -- just barely -- from publicly asking for said undergarments on the grounds that I might freak out some of my regular readers. Protocol, you know.

Out: Wonkette blasts George Herbert Walker "Hey, break me off a piece of that Reagan gloss" Bush's parachute jump -- which is definitely and desperately out, what, with pony boy studlet Brit Hume, in tow, tagging along like a puppy in search of a dog yummy from his master.

Jump, Brit, jump -- good boy.

Out: Adam Sandler. Ka-pow! Sandler, according to that significant cultural artifact the National Enquirer -- because Enquiring minds want to know -- "was the one in stitches after a surfing accident in Hawaii sent him to the hospital with his head split open."


"'Adam had a major wipeout on the first big wave he tried to catch, smashing his head on his board,' said a friend. Sandler had been working on his latest film, Spanglish, for the last four months when he decided to fly off to Hawaii for a vacation.

"Minutes after the 'Big Daddy' star and his wife Jackie checked into Honolulu's Kahala Mandarin Oriental, he grabbed his surf instructor and headed for the waves.

"'Adam is becoming a better surfer all the time, but he is still a novice,' said the friend. 'He tried to catch a monster wave that came in. He lost his balance, slipped off the board and had a wild wipeout! The board popped up out of the water about seven feet in the air and then came crashing down on his head.

"'You could hear the thud when the board connected with his skull. His head cracked open and blood spurted into the water.

Luckily said skull was filled with air. 15 stitches later, Sandler was up and out of the hospital, but couldn't go in the water for the rest of the trip.

In: Blind Items of Gossip. Check out this exquisitely juicy blind item from the folks at

"Recently, I attended the exclusive Los Feliz birthday bash thrown by one desirable young actor known for dating a hot indie starlet. Hummus and fried chicken were served out in the open, but guests had to work their way to the actor�s top-floor Spanish-styled bedroom to find the three half-naked bimbo strippers serving lines from close to a kilo of coke. (Each line was offered to guests� hungry noses on a gold-plated coke spoon.) After getting their buzz on, the guests were given all the proper cocaine accoutrements: ice-cold vodka tonics, cigarettes galore scooped from large Moroccan bowls and pads of recycled paper to write down 'brilliant thoughts.' Later, after each and every guest was flying high, a troupe of African drummers loudly entered--which scared some of the more tweaked-out guests. Soon after the young actor�s white-boy friends joined in the drumming, the percussion transformed from soulful rhythm to �Pop Goes the Weasel,� proving once and for all that a bunch of coked-up white boys certainly can�t dance. Happy birthday, _____!"

The comments say Heath Ledger, but Heath is not a Gemini (he's an Ares), as this person has to be as he was recently celebrating his birthday. I would have guessed Jared Leto, who is now dating Scarlett Johanssen, but he's a Sagitarius. Any other guesses?

More gossip: From the superior Page Six:

"WHICH magazine staffer sold out his source for $10,000? A recently married pop singer/actress was so furious when her private luncheon hit the glossies, she had one of her people contact the writer and offer him the money for his source. The writer collected the cash in a bag."

Hmm. I wonder.

And, finally, also In: Indiewire's excellent Eugene Hernandez notes:

"Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, which is expected to open on between 500 and 1000 screens next week, has been rated 'R' by the Motion Picture Association of America. Yesterday, the film's distributors, Lions Gate Films and IFC Films, issued a statement saying that they are appealing the decision."

An R rating might hurt ticket sales to the film.

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