Monday, June 21, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: New Jersey, and who would have thought it? Jersey could actually be forced into play in the 2004 election by a disgusting act of terrorism; it is startling how fragile democracies can be even at the zenith of their power. Yesterday's NY Times relayed some of the smouldering anger in this usually staid blue state:

"There are the flowers and the crosses, the notes and the photographs and all the other signs of sympathy and grieving that one would expect to find at an impromptu shrine devoted to someone murdered in a most cruel fashion.

"But one day after graphic photographs of the body of Paul M. Johnson Jr., beheaded by Islamic extremists, were beamed around the world, a new sign appeared in the yard next to the house of Mr. Johnson's sister in Little Egg Harbor Township.

"'Last night my heart was filled with love and prayers, but today it is filled with hatred. Last night I was not a racist, but today I feel racism toward Islamic beliefs,' the sign said. 'Last night Islamics had a chance to speak up for Paul Johnson, but today it was too late,' it also said. 'Today Islamics better wake up and start thinking about tomorrow.'"

The chilling article By Jason George and Marc Santora continues:

"... Some neighbors did not hide their anger, saying privately that blood should be met with blood."

Will this sad, horrible act of terrorism factor into New Jersey becoming a swing state? Can the Muslim fundamentalist cast that much influence?

Out: Governor Rowland. Oh, how we will miss horsewhipping corrupt Connecticut Governor Rowlands. It was shadenfreude at it's finest. As the NY Times says:

"Gov. John G. Rowland will announce his resignation Monday night, amid a federal corruption investigation and a growing move to impeach him, his lawyer told The Associated Press."

Goodbye, Old Paint.

In: Free Winona. Sure, Winona may have a "Big Brown Beaver vintage muff under her skirt that she's hiding from store security (kidding, guys, kidding). But, according to British Vogue, "WINONA RYDER has had her sentenced reduced after being convicted of stealing ($9,184) of designer clothes and accessories from Saks Fifth Avenue in 2002."

And we can't be happier for Ms. Horowitz.

Out: According to the most excellent Page Six, Dayanara Torres hasn't yet told her kids that their father is married to another woman:

"MARC Anthony's ex-wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, still hasn't told their children their dad has married serial bride Jennifer Lopez. The two boys don't even know their parents are divorced. 'They don't know much really, because Ryan is just a baby and Christian hasn't noticed,' Torres tells the upcoming issue of Latina. 'Until now, I've just kept Christian away from everything � from TV, from pictures.' If J.Lo's latest marriage is anything like her last two, it may be over before her new stepkids ever hear about it."

Now, this is especially odd considering what reported earler this month:

"Saying his personal life is off-limits, singer Marc Anthony refused to confirm Tuesday whether he's married to Jennifer Lopez."

"During an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show, co-host Matt Lauer asked the Latin singer how he'd spent his weekend.

"'I see where you're going with this, and I'm going to preface it with just saying -- y'all know I don't talk about my personal life,' Anthony said.

"Lauer replied: 'So, I -- do I need to congratulate you?'

"'Yeah, I have two albums coming out, man. Absolutely. And I would appreciate it,' the 34-year-old singer said."

What the fuck?!

Out: Robbie Wiiliams' depression. According to the 3AM Girls:

"He's been battling depression for ages but things seem to be getting even worse for Robbie Williams.

"He is now so terrified of being alone that he insists on having a minder sleep at the bottom of his bed every night.

"It may sound strange for a man of 30 years, but a worried friend tells us: "Rob just can't seem to stop feeling so down.

"'He won't sleep in a room unless there is security there, so some poor chap has to kip on the sofa at the end of his bed.'"

They continue:

"In fact we're told the only time his bedroom minders get a night off is when Robbie brings back, ahem, lady friends. The source went on: 'Robbie needs constant company. He is surrounded by people who care about him but even they are struggling to pull him out of this depression.

"'On the surface he's got it made. He wants for nothing. But no one's ever seen him so unhappy.'"

In: The Ingmar Bergman Film Festival at the Film Forum. You wouldn't know it by my rapier like wit, but I am a big fan of the Big Questions that Ingmar Bergman asks in his films. Big fan. So, I found it particularly amusing to see in Vanessa Grigoriadis' Ethan Hawke story in this week's New York Magazine, "A person can�t drop off his kids at his ex-wife�s and go see (Ingmar Bergman's) Fanny and Alexander, he mused." Okay, now I've never thought much of Hawke, but Bergman can make brothers of us all.

Out: Stereogum reader Cara has her own "out" list, taken, I guess, from last Thursday's Franz Ferdinand concert:

"As Mr. Stereogum may be aware, I was none too pleased with the crowd at the Franz Ferdinand show last night. (1) It is NOT OK to sing along to the songs in my ear so loudly that the only music I hear comes from your shrieky and embarrasingly off-key vocals. (2) It is NOT cool to throw up the sign of the beast during "Take Me Out." We are not watching Slayer. (3) It is not OK to dance in my space. First of all, I am not crazy about dancing at concerts at all (despite Franz Ferdinand's comments that they are a dance band). If you must dance during the concert, however, please do it within the confines of the 1 x 1 foot square space you have been allotted. (4) Don't sweat on me."

Sweating on Cara? Like school on Saturday, man: no class.

In: Gwyneth Paltrow. In the words of, "... While she'll never live down Liam's assertion that she's nothing but a gawky bird, I'll be god damned if Gwynnie isn't the cat's pajamas. holla atcha post-preggers hottness!"

Word up.

Or, as Fashionweekdaily quotes Paltrow in their quote of the Daily, ""I'm wearing all Marc Jacobs tonight, and I was in the store in the Village the other day buying new boob-forgiving t-shirts--because I now have boobs! I never knew how fun it was to have boobs, and since they're probably temporary, I have to enjoy them while I have them."

Out: Fashionweekdaily also reports: "Kelly Ripa, who just signed a five-year deal with 'Live With Regis and Kelly,' has been given a $45,000 fashion allowance by ABC to indulge her Jimmy Choo weakness ..."

We are so playa hating.

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