Thursday, December 09, 2004

Missy's Social Misdemeanor

According to Popbitch:


"When Missy Elliot attends parties she is followed by a man carrying a box. A guest, overcome with curiosity, asked the guy what was in the box. His answer? 'Bling'. Missy likes to keep extra diamonds and jewels on hand just in case she wants to bling-up, or bling-down for the event."

Uh, hello? can we say, altogether now -- "ghetto" ...

Paging Missy "Misdemeanor" -- the tacky police have put out an APB on your flamoyant, artless ass.

Bling this, Missy, you're career? (sotto voce) "So Over" (Averted Gaze):

"Wacky hip-hop star Missy Elliott wanted her new single's video to really stand out from the crowd - so opted for a Riverdance style jig. The rapper - who is famed for her innovative videos - instructed director Dave Meyers to pull out all the stops on the promo for "Pass That Dutch" - including a bizarre Irish dance sequence in a corn field inspired by the talents of super-hoofer Michael Flatley. Meyers explains, "Every time she calls, she demands to be totally different. In addition to trying to keep up with her growth, I have to reinvent my wheel every time. She loves having a dance element, so we always find new ways to do innovative things around dance. When she said Riverdance, in my mind I went to the country and I said, 'What about cornstalks?'"


Rachel said...

Yes because when you think of Riverdance, one automatically thinks of cornstalks. WTF?

The Corsair said...

That was particularly odd. Although Madonna and Missy also is odd. Hell, everything about Missy's success is odd.

Rachel said...

You know I never could understand that Gap add with the two of them. It just didn't seem right.