Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Mary McFadden. Whatever happened to Mary McFadden, that always interesting "design archaeologist" who not too long ago married a cheap himbo named Kohle Yohannan and went through the media gauntlet? NySocialDiary has the update:

" Leaving ("21") I bumped into Mary McFadden who is just back from China and Argentina.

"The China trip was arranged by a Chinese woman who spent $500,000 taking one hundred people to Shanghai to promote her new art gallery. The hostess is also an owner of several luxury hotels ? the luxury of which Mary said she?d rarely ever seen before. Mary was deeply impressed with everything about the country ? the money, the numbers, the huge migration of people from the country to the city (the greatest migration of its kind in history, she called it). Shanghai, she said, has forty million people living there."

Out: Joan and Melissa Rivers. They're back, unfortunately (Averted Gaze, Gasface), and will be on the carpet on January 16th for the Golden Globes along with Star Jones Reynolds (Can't you just feel the impending "static" arising? Can't you feel the electric buzz of a Joan Rivers catty remark that sets the powderkeg that is Star Jones' fragile psyche over the goddam edge?), according to AP:

"'It's been a mess, it's been a very messy couple of months,' Joan Rivers told The Associated Press Tuesday. 'I think they have their acts together. I just want to get back to work.'"

Because, of course, Methuselan gazillionaires need to continue working for "the man".

In: Medicinal Marijuana. Richard Brookheiser in The Observer today gives an impassioned and principled defense of medicinal marijuana:

"Supporters of medical marijuana could help our cause with two kinds of candor. We have to be very blunt ( Ed Note: "teehee") about the life situations of patients like Angel Raich, not to wring cheap tears of sympathy, but to remind everyone that disease and its treatments are no fun. It is a great blessing not to have to barf in a toilet, but no one would seek that out as a pastime. No one uses medical marijuana to get high, or to be cool."

That's right, The Corsair (puff puff) uses his "medicinal marijuana" (chuckles) to help him with his (munches on canapes) ... tennis elbow.

Out: The Race to Squelch Howard Dean. As TheHill sees it, the Democratic Party elites are doing all they can to crush the loife out of Howard Dean's latest run -- for DNC Chair:

"The race to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee is shaping up as a retread of Januarys Iowa caucuses, with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean emerging as the early front-runner and the Democratic establishment furiously scrambling for a candidate to beat him, according to senior Democratic strategists and consultants.

"Former Clinton White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes is the most obvious Washington insider to challenge Dean. Ickes is being urged to enter the race and begin the kind of widespread and intense campaigning that Dean has been doing for several weeks."


In: Beyonce's Tushy. The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin, so they say, but -- no pun intended -- The Corsair finds that more than a handful leads to wrist sprain. Beyonce's Popeye's-inspired derriere made quite the vivid statement at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Roberto Cavalli sponsored exhibition, WILD: Fashion Untamed. In Fashionweekdaily:

"Marjorie Gubelmann Raein, who went conservatively wild clad in a Dennis Basso leopard wrap, was wide-eyed upon learning that Destinys Child would be performing. She recounted a nostalgic moment she had with Christian Leone when Beyonc� Knowles was still an up-and-comer. 'I remember each time I would ask Christian about Beyonc�, he would turn around say, Who? Your fianc�? He quickly learned the err of his ways.

And, later, after many cocktails of sparkly distilled spirots of Andean peasant blood were imbibed:

" ... But perhaps no one felt more at home than the evenings man of honor, Roberto Cavalli. When asked what he got out of the evening, he replied, 'You know, wild is natural for me. Leopard, tiger, all this nature, its something that I embody, something that I am passionate about. To me, nature is second skin.' He then quickly added, 'And doesnt Beyonc�s behind look amazing tonight?'"

Out: The Bohemian Grove -- way out.

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