Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Pit Bull Bites Chingy on the Ass

Blender December 2004:

"Robert Tannenbaum: Dogs or Cats?

"Chingy: I really don't mess with dogs. I got bit on my ass by a pit bull and that changed my outlook. I was 15, going over to a homeboy's house, and these dudes were running toward us with bats and chains. I jumped a fence, ran down backyards and alleys, hopped another fence, and the dog was waiting. It bit me on the butt and started pulling my sweatpants down.

"Robert Tannenbaum: Were the dudes after your ice?"

(Averted Gaze)

Hey, you know, Mr. Robert Tannanbaum, Mr. Carl Comedian, (air quotes) "ice" doesn't precipitate violence, violence precipitates violence, so (The Corsair is getting irritated), why don't you just go ... and smack yourself in the face for asking such a question so beneath the dignity of the man known as ... (sotto voce, two snaps and a neck roll) "Chingy. "

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