Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Bitbit. Britney Spears' dog, Bitbit, is a dog with exquisite taste, of singular style, of ... of -- dare I say it? -- of "savoir faire (as much as a canine can partake of, anyway)," which, quite frankly, The Corsair, as someone with an exceptional affinity for the sublime, can respect. Why live if one cannot live well (The Corsair lights up a Schimmelpennick and draws heartily)? The Corsair's intends his last words to be, recounted from between the loins of a Brazillian supermodel, (sotto vocce) "more ... Armagnac ...(drops dead to awed applause)"

Britney's dog is the same way. That bitch knows how to live. No Kibbels and bits for Bitbit, no (Averted Gaze) -- according to Ananova (via Teenhollywood):


Above: Keep me away from Britney's fucking feet!

"The Toxic star decided to treat Bitbit to the gourmet meat during her visit to the Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel reports Teenhollywood.

"Spears ordered the prime cut of meat from the Picasso restaurant, where master chef Julian Serrano normally only prepares food for the rich and famous.

"An insider said: 'Talk about an insult - Julian is one of the top chefs in the US. The idea of him having to cook for a tiny Chihuahua is ridiculous. Just as well, no one told him where his dish was destined. It was a total insult to his talent.'"

What's worse? -- the Chihuahua informs us that the steak was (Averted Gaze) "dry."

Out: The Beckham's Flunkie. Forget about the fucking castle that they are building for Romeo and Brooklyn, according to the 3AM Girls, David Beckham and Victoria "Posh" Beckham have hired a flunky on Christmas Day to open their presents for them, a sure sign that they have too much fucking money:


"The golden couple have splashed out on so many goodies for their guests they've had to hire a ($2,000)-a-day butler to spend FOUR HOURS unwrapping the mountain of gifts they've bought for their family and friends.

"To make sure the festivities go without a hitch Posh, 30 - whose sons Brooklyn, five, and two-year-old Romeo are being christened in the grounds of their Sawbridgeworth mansion on December 23 - has enlisted the help of the butler.

"Our source continues: 'The person they've hired is one of the best in his field. In fact, he was originally booked by the Osbournes to spend Christmas with them, but the Beckhams really wanted him so they upped their offer.'"

In: This Flava Flav-Gitte Nielsen-Anna Nicole Photo. Socialitelife.com outdoes itself once again. Utterly brilliant, my blog wife, Miu Von Furstenberg. Gitte and Anna make a Flav sandwich! Hows it taste? Probably like crack cocaine.

Out: Britney's Junk. According to Stereogum, they are auctioning off Britney's old "booklearnin' and such" Evidently, elementary school, like writing a letter to her fans, was like Harvard.

In: CNBC. MedialifeMagazine has an interesting piece on CNBC, the little cable company that couldn't -- or so we thought:

"Yet, as cable news networks go, CNBC in some ways has not all that much to worry about, certainly compared with MSNBC in its No. 3 position behind CNN and Fox News.

"Further, what CNBC does during primetime hours, whether airing tennis bad boy McEnroe (ed note: "pew!") or advertising's Donny Deutsch, whose 'The Big Idea' (ed note: "p-e-eew!")is moving from one night to five, may not be all that critical.

"That's because of CNBC's unique franchise delivering daytime financial news to the professional investment community, Wall Street. It's a comparatively tiny audience, and it's an away-from-home audience as well, beyond Nielsen's measuring. But it's an audience that at whatever size, advertisers deeply cherish.

?'CNBC?s money-making activity is during the day, not in primetime,' observes Andrew Tyndall of The Tyndall Report, a weekly newsletter that follows television news. 'That has very little to do with its profitability.'"

Out: Network News Execs. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer (link via Romenesko):

"Network news executives 'are cavemen walking,' says Connie Chung, the last woman to anchor a Big 3 weeknight newscast, in an uncharacteristically forthcoming interview.

"With 73-year-old Dan Rather stepping down from CBS Evening News after 24 years in March, Chung hopes her former employers name a woman to replace him. But she's not holding her breath.

"'I don't know when network executives will get out of the Dark Ages,' says Chung, 58, whose ill-conceived forced coanchorship with Rather ended after less than two years, in '95. 'It's long overdue.'

"To Chung, male anchors represent 'an antiquated way of thinking. I actually have faith that we'll have another woman in my lifetime. There are some enlightened executives out there. Even at CBS.'"


Rachel said...

I want to be Posh Spice, I really, really do.

The Corsair said...

... then I can be David, princess, and we could build castes of love for Romeo and Brooklyn ...


(S)wine said...

Ron, I worked for CNBC for a while-I used to direct a few of their nighttime political talk-shows (Politics w/Chris Matthews, which eventually became Hardball, The Charles Grodin Show, Equal Time--then with Dee Dee Myers and Bay Buchanan, and Rivera Live--which was Geraldo's serious show all about legal stuff). It was weird, most of these shows went over to MSNBC, and CourtTV gobbled up the legal shows. Actually, CNBC (back in '94-96) did quite well before their strange lineup (McEnroe, Deutsch, et. al) in the evenings. Someone ought to give them some credit for starting all this. However, they were too cheap to keep the shows. CNBC=Cheap, Nothing But Cheap. Or: Crap, Nothing But Crap.

The Corsair said...

I am fascinated by their choices. I watch Tina, but the Dennis Miller-McEnroe-Deutch choices are quite strange. Any kindergartener could figure out a better lineup than that. Interesting your comment that they "incubate" shows for MSNBC. I guess they can afford to do it, with all that Wall Street ad revenue, they can be experimental in the evenings, throw darts and see what sticks. Thanks -- as always -- for some insider tv perspective

(S)wine said...

Ron, yea...they're pretty incestuous. They're all part of NBC--uh---G.E. that is. Anyway, back when I was there, it seemed CNBC was the "minor leagues" where people got their chops (including the guests on those shows--which by the way are the same ol' same ol' g.d. people making the rounds now on CNN/FOX/MS/etc.) before moving on to MSNBC. Brian Williams was sort of groomed that way also; he had his MS show for a few years, then moved on to Network.

Remember: C(heap)N(othing)B(ut)C(heap) or Crap, Nothing But Crap.